Diffusion 5.9.21 Downloads

This release no longer includes an evaluation license. If you are interested in evaluating Diffusion, try the latest version.

New features in Diffusion 5.9.21

Slave topics can now be replicated

In previous releases, slave topics were not replicated. From 5.9.5, slave topics are replicated between Diffusion servers in a cluster when topic replication is enabled. This new feature breaks server interoperability between 5.9.4 and 5.9.5.

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) and binary topics in the Apple API

Apple API clients now provide the ability to create, update, and subscribe to JSON and binary topics. JSON topics enable you to structure your data using JSON. The data is transmitted in a Concise Binary Object Representation (CBOR) binary form for increased efficiency. Binary topics enable you to stream your data in pure binary form without the overhead of having to encode the binary data into string form.

Reliable reconnection for automated fan-out

The automated fan-out feature now makes use of all the advantages of Diffusion's reliable reconnection.

Previously, fan-out could not make use of standard reconnection due to the possibility of message loss. Now a fan-out secondary server that loses its connection to the primary server can reconnect without any loss of topics.

TypeScript support in the JavaScript API

The JavaScript API now includes TypeScript definitions. These definitions enable developers to more efficiently develop JavaScript clients for Diffusion while minimizing the risk of runtime errors caused by type mismatches.

See Release Notes

Quick Start Guide

Review the QSG for all the information you need to download, install and get started with the Diffusion server.

Diffusion JAR

The Diffusion JAR file contains all the resources for the Diffusion server. Install this JAR using the installer.



Use this installer to unpackage the resources in the Diffusion JAR and install the Diffusion server.

Diffusion RPM

You can use this file to install the Diffusion server on Linux systems that have Red Hat Package Manager installed.


Eclipse Plug-ins

This zipped file contains the Diffusion Introspector plug-in, which you can install in your Eclipse IDE.

Documentation Pack

This zipped file contains the Diffusion User Manual and all API documentation for the Diffusion client APIs.