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Creating a remote server definition

To connect to a Diffusion™ server that is not in the same cluster, create a remote server definition. This can be used by a remote topic view.

A remote server definition provides the configuration to connect to a Diffusion server belonging to a different cluster. Each server in the local cluster will establish a session with each remote server.

Currently only remote topic views use a remote server definition.

Create a remote server definition

Required permissions: control_server

A client can create a new remote server definition with default connection options.

If a remote server with the same name already exists, an error is returned.

If a topic view that specifies the named remote server exists, the remote server connection is immediately established. However, if no topic views mention the remote server, a connection is not established when it is created.

You can use the >checkRemoteServer API method to check if the connection works.


the name of the remote server
the URL to use to connect to the primary server
the name of a principal used by the remote server to connect to the primary server.
to use for connecting to the primary server
Java and Android
default CompletableFuture<RemoteServers.RemoteServer> createRemoteServer(String name,
    String url,
    String principal,
    Credentials credentials)

Removing a remote server definition

If you remove a remote server definition, any topic views depending on it will automatically deactivate.