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Adding topics with topic specifications

The recommended way to add topics is to use a topic specification. Some deprecated topic types use topic details.

Adding topics with topic specifications

Required permissions: modify_topic

To create most topic types, you can either create the topic by defining just the topic type or use the more complex topic specification to specify other properties of the topic.

A topic is specified in terms of its type and a map of optional property settings which can alter the default behavior of the topic.

You can use the same instance of topic specification to create many topics.

Adding topics with topic details (deprecated)

Required permissions: modify_topic

Only use topic details if you are creating the deprecated record or single value topic types.

Clients can use full topic details to describe a topic when creating it. Builders (and convenience methods) are available for creating details relating to all the different topic types.

You can use the same instance of topic details to create many topics. This is recommended when many topics with the same definition are to be created, because caching optimizations occur that prevent complex definitions from being transmitted to the Diffusion™ server many times.

For some types of topic, setting up metadata is part of the task of describing the topic.