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The Python API can be installed using pip and is also included in the server installation.

Install with pip:

pip install diffusion
To install a specific version:
pip install diffusion==6.7.4
You can also download the SDK as a zipped WHL package:

If installing from this downloaded wheel, you will need to download a platform-specific CBOR implementation as well.

It will be one of the following:

Extract both the client and CBOR zip files.

You can then install with the command:
pip install {location of the client wheel} --find-links {directory containing unzipped CBOR}
Supported interpreters:
  • CPython 3.7.8 (or later patch release)
  • CPython 3.8.6 (or later patch release)
  • CPython 3.9.0 (or later patch release)
Supported platforms:
  • MacOS 10.13-11.5
  • Windows Intel 64-bit
  • Any Linux supported by the ManyLinux 2010/2014] binary wheel standard.

Future releases will be tested against additional interpreters.

We recommend using the newest available patch release.