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Browser support

Some of the client libraries are intended to be run within browser environments. Diffusion™ clients can use most commercial browsers and their variants. However, some Diffusion API protocols might not be available.

Diffusion supports the latest release of the following browser versions based on the original Diffusion release date.

Table 1. Supported browsers
Browser Version
Google Chrome™ 53
Mozilla Firefox® 49
Microsoft® Internet Explorer® 11
Apple Safari® 8
  • Push Technology runs full regression tests on the browsers and versions documented above for every patch release.
  • Push Technology carries out basic validation testing on the latest versions of these browsers but full support is available only at the next minor release.
  • Support for older versions of browsers is provided on a best-effort basis, unless specified otherwise.
  • Support for other browsers is provided on a best-effort basis.

Mobile browsers

We do not test our JavaScript® client libraries with mobile browsers or within mobile applications that wrap a browser application in native code. If you are developing a Diffusion client for a mobile platform, such as iOS® or Android™, we recommend that you use the provided client libraries for these platforms to develop a native application.

Diffusion JavaScript clients running within a native wrapper or in a mobile browser are supported on a best effort basis and we might not be able to provide support for older versions of the mobile platform.