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Diffusion™ registers MBeans with the Java Management Extensions (JMX) service for many of its principal features.

Annotations on each of the MBeans employed are used to produce the following pages in this manual as well as feeding JMX clients with descriptive information. MBeans, attributes and operations have descriptions; operation arguments have names; operations also have JMX impact information.

Figure 1. The server MBean stopController operation showing in JConsole Screenshot of JConsole showing the stopController MBean. The operation invocation is void stopController (reason String, adminName String). The MBean operation info has two columns: Name and value. The following name and value pairs are displayed in the screenshot. Under Operation: Name, stopController; Description, "Stop this Diffusion controller and record the reason and adminName"; Impact, ACTION; and ReturnType, void. Under Parameter-0: Name, reason; Description, "Reason this server is stopping"; and Type, java.lang.String. Under Parameter-1: Name, adminName; Description, "Name of the administrator"; and Type, java.lang.String.