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Testing your security

Your Diffusion™ solution is made up of multiple components. Ensure that you consider and test for potential security problems in all your components and in their interactions.

It is important to design your solution for security before you even begin any development or configuration. For more information about designing a secure solution, see Design Guide.

Note: Many companies offer a penetration testing service that can help uncover any vulnerabilities in your solution. If you do not have the resource or knowledge to perform penetration testing on your solution, we recommend that you use a third-party penetration testing company.

Consider these aspects of security for your solution.

URL spaces and ports exposed by your load balancer

What routes does your solution offer to connections from outside?

For more information, see Load balancers.


What ports allow connections to the Diffusion server? What kind of connections are these ports configured to allow?

For more information, see Configuring connectors.

Users and roles on your Diffusion server

How are connections to the Diffusion server authenticated? What roles and permissions are assigned to authenticated connections? How are different parts of your topic tree secured?

For more information, see Role-based authorization.


Are connections from outside your organization permitted to access the Diffusion console? Which users are assigned the permission to access the console?

For more information, see Diffusion monitoring console.