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Using Maven to build Java Diffusion applications

Apache™ Maven™ is a popular Java™ build tool and is well supported by Java IDEs. You can use Apache Maven to build your Diffusion™ applications.

The Push Technology public Maven repository

Push Technology publishes Diffusion components and related artifacts to a public Maven repository at the following location: http://download.pushtechnology.com/maven.

The published artifacts include the following:
Table 1. Artifacts
Artifact Maven coordinates Description
Diffusion API com.pushtechnology.diffusion:diffusion-api:jar:6.7.0 The Diffusion API interfaces only. Use this artifact for compilation only. The JAR includes the source and Javadoc attachments.
Diffusion Clients com.pushtechnology.diffusion:diffusion-client:jar:6.7.1 The Diffusion client library.
To use the Push Technology public Maven repository, add the following repository description to your pom.xml file: