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Running the Diffusion server inside of a third-party web application server

Diffusion™ can run as a Java™ servlet inside any Java application server.

When running the Diffusion server inside a third-party web application server, the Diffusion server can have a different port number to clients that are hosted on the same server. This can cause cross-origin .

Some browsers do not support cross-origin resource sharing. For more information, see Cross-origin resource sharing limitations.

You can use one of the following approaches to enable cross-origin requests for your solution:
  • Define a cross domain policy. For more information, see Cross domain policies.
  • Use a load balancer to composite the URL spaces.

When using a third-party web server at least some of the functionality of the built-in Diffusion web server can be disabled. The file-service and http-service entries can be removed as Tomcat™ provides this functionality. The client-service is needed to support WebSocket and HTTP connection protocols. If these are not used, the client-service can be disabled as well.