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Hosting Diffusion web clients in a third-party web server

Host Diffusion™ web clients on a third-party web server to enable your customers to access them.

If your Diffusion clients are web clients, they must be hosted on a web server to enable your customers to access them. We recommend that you use a third-party web server to host your clients instead of the built-in web server provided by Diffusion.

This approach requires additional configuration of your solution to account for cross-origin requests.

Cross-origin requests

Cross-origin requests occur when your web client requests resources (for example, data from the Diffusion server) that are hosted on a different domain, or in some cases a different port on the same domain, to your web client.

Some browsers do not support cross-origin resource sharing. For more information, see Cross-origin resource sharing limitations.

You can use one of the following approaches to enable cross-origin requests for your solution:
  • Define a cross domain policy. For more information, see Cross domain policies.
  • Use a load balancer to composite the URL spaces.