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Configuring the Diffusion web server

Use the WebServer.xml and Aliases.xml configuration files to configure the behavior of the Diffusion™ web server.

Diffusion can act as a web server by modifying the Connectors.xml configuration file to add a web-server definition to a connector. If a connector is required to serve HTTP requests, the connector requires a web-server definition. A valid web-server entry must also exist in the WebServer.xml configuration file.

The Diffusion web server is a lightweight web server with very basic features. It hosts the Diffusion landing page, management console, and demos.

The Diffusion web server also provides the endpoint for clients connecting to the Diffusion server using HTTP-based transports.

Note: Do not use the Diffusion web server as the host for your production website. Instead use a third-party web server.

For more information about using Diffusion with third-party web servers, see Web servers.