Diffusion Apple API  6.6.2
Unified Client Library for iOS, tvOS and OS X / macOS
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<PTDiffusionRecordV2TimeSeriesEventValueStreamDelegate> Protocol Reference


Methods implemented by classes handling streamed time series events with record values.

This protocol defines the methods to be implemented by classes wishing to receive streamed time series events when updates are received from the server with record values.

Inheritance diagram for <PTDiffusionRecordV2TimeSeriesEventValueStreamDelegate>:
<PTDiffusionSubscriberStreamDelegate> <PTDiffusionStreamDelegate>

Instance Methods

(void) - diffusionStream:didUpdateTimeSeriesTopicPath:specification:oldRecordEvent:newRecordEvent:
- Instance Methods inherited from <PTDiffusionSubscriberStreamDelegate>
(void) - diffusionStream:didSubscribeToTopicPath:specification:
(void) - diffusionStream:didUnsubscribeFromTopicPath:specification:reason:
- Instance Methods inherited from <PTDiffusionStreamDelegate>
(void) - diffusionStream:didFailWithError:
(void) - diffusionDidCloseStream:

Method Documentation

- (void) diffusionStream: (PTDiffusionValueStream *)  stream
didUpdateTimeSeriesTopicPath: (NSString *)  topicPath
specification: (PTDiffusionTopicSpecification *)  specification
oldRecordEvent: (nullable PTDiffusionRecordV2TimeSeriesEvent *)  oldRecordEvent
newRecordEvent: (PTDiffusionRecordV2TimeSeriesEvent *)  newRecordEvent 

An update was received for a topic path handled by a record value stream.

streamThe value stream that received the update.
topicPathThe topic path that was updated.
specificationThe specification for the updated topic.
oldRecordEventThe previous event. If nil then this is the first event.
newRecordEventThe new event derived from the last update received from the server.