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PTDiffusionTopicNotificationsFeature Class Reference


The Topic Notifications feature allows a client session to receive notifications about changes to selected topics.

The Topic Notifications feature for a session can be obtained from the session's PTDiffusionSession::topicNotifications property.


Sessions receive notifications by implementing a PTDiffusionTopicNotificationListener. The listener will be provided with a PTDiffusionTopicSpecification for all topics bound to paths that match registered selectors, and any subsequent notifications for the selected topics on those paths. Notifications will only be emitted for paths where a topic is bound.

For example, with a registered selector "?a//", if a topic is added at path a/b/c/d with no topics bound to paths higher in the hierarchy diffusionStream:didReceiveNotificationWithType:topicPath:specification: (PTDiffusionTopicNotificationListener-p) will be called once with a topic path of "a/b/c/d", a notification type of added (PTDiffusionTopicNotificationType), and the topic's associated PTDiffusionTopicSpecification.

The nature of the notification is provided by the PTDiffusionTopicNotificationType enum. added (PTDiffusionTopicNotificationType) and removed (PTDiffusionTopicNotificationType) represent structural changes to the topic tree; selected (PTDiffusionTopicNotificationType) indicates that a pre-existing topic has been selected by a new registered selector, and similarly deselected (PTDiffusionTopicNotificationType) indicates that a topic is no longer selected because of changes to the set of registered selectors for the listener.

Selection and deselection

Registered PTDiffusionTopicNotificationListener implementations will receive notifications for all topics matching registered selections. Selection of topics using topic selector expressions is provided via the PTDiffusionTopicNotificationRegistration associated for a specific listener.

A session can request selections at any time, even if the topics do not exist at the server. Selections are stored on the server and any subsequently added topics that match registered selectors will generate notifications.

Immediate descendant notifications

Listeners will be informed about the presence or absence of unselected immediate descendants via diffusionStream:didReceiveDescendantNotificationWithType:topicPath: (PTDiffusionTopicNotificationListener-p). This allows listeners to determine whether to select deeper topic paths in order towalk the topic tree. An immediate descendant is defined as the first bound topic on any branch below a given topic path.

For example, for topics at "a/b", "a/c", "a/c/d", "a/e/f/g", the immediate descendants of "a" would be "a/b", "a/c", "a/e/f/g".

Immediate descendant notifications provide a PTDiffusionTopicNotificationType to indicate the reason for the notification in the same manner as for topic notifications.

For example, with a registered selector "\>a", if a topic is added at path "a/b" then a descendant notification will be received with a topic path of "a/b" and a notification type of added (PTDiffusionTopicNotificationType) If a topic was subsequently added at path "a/b/c", no further notifications will be received until selectWithTopicSelectorExpression:completionHandler: (PTDiffusionTopicNotificationRegistration) was used to select the deeper topic path "\>a/b".

Access control

A listener will only be notified about topics for which the session has selectTopic (PTDiffusionPathPermission) and readTopic (PTDiffusionPathPermission) permissions. selectTopic (PTDiffusionPathPermission) determines which selectors a listener may register; readTopic (PTDiffusionPathPermission) determines which selected topics the client may receive notifications for.

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Instance Methods

(PTDiffusionStream *) - addListener:completionHandler:

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Method Documentation

- (PTDiffusionStream *) addListener: (id< PTDiffusionTopicNotificationListener >)  listener
completionHandler: (PTDiffusionTopicNotificationRegistration *_Nullable)  registration
(NSError *_Nullable error)  completionHandler 

Register a listener to receive topic notifications.

listenerThe object which will handle the incoming notifications. It will be sent messages asynchronously on the main dispatch queue. A weak reference is maintained to this object.
completionHandlerBlock to be called asynchronously on success or failure. If the operation was successful, the error argument passed to the block will be nil and the registration argument will point to a registration object which can be used to manage the registration. The completion handler will be called asynchronously on the main dispatch queue.
The stream resulting from the listener registration.
NSInvalidArgumentExceptionRaised if any arguments are nil.