Diffusion Apple API  6.6.2
Unified Client Library for iOS, tvOS and OS X / macOS
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PTDiffusionFetchRequest(PTDiffusionTimeSeriesEvent) Category Reference


Extension adding support to Topics feature fetch requests allowing them to be constrained to only those topics with a data type compatible with time series events.


Instance Methods

(void) - fetchTimeSeriesEventsWithTopicSelectorExpression:completionHandler:

Method Documentation

- (void) fetchTimeSeriesEventsWithTopicSelectorExpression: (NSString *)  expression
completionHandler: (PTDiffusionTimeSeriesFetchResult *_Nullable)  result
(NSError *_Nullable error)  completionHandler 

Sends a fetch request to the server, specifying that values should be returned for selected topics, constraining the selection to time series topics. Any topic types specified in a previous call to topicTypes: (PTDiffusionFetchRequest) that cannot be read as a time series will be removed from the list of topic types.

Results are returned for all topics matching the selector that satisfy the request constraints within any range defined by fromTopicPath: (PTDiffusionFetchRequest) / afterTopicPath: (PTDiffusionFetchRequest) and/or toTopicPath: (PTDiffusionFetchRequest) / beforeTopicPath: (PTDiffusionFetchRequest)

expressionSpecifies a topic selector, evaluated at the server, which selects the topics to be fetched.
completionHandlerBlock to be called asynchronously on success or failure. If the operation was successful, the error argument passed to the block will be nil. The completion handler will be called asynchronously on the main dispatch queue.
NSInvalidArgumentExceptionRaised if any supplied arguments are nil.

Extends class PTDiffusionFetchRequest.