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The Python API can be installed using pip and is also included in the server installation.

Note: This is a limited preview version of the Python SDK. It is supported for production use, but note that the API is likely to change for the full release of Diffusion™ 6.6

Install with pip:

pip install diffusion
To install a specific version:
pip install diffusion==6.6.0rc2
Supported interpreters:
  • CPython 3.7.8 (or later patch release)
  • CPython 3.8.6 (or later patch release)

Future releases will be tested against additional interpreters.

We recommend using the newest available patch release.


This preview version of the Python SDK supports a limited subset of Diffusion features.

Preview 2 adds the ability to create and update topics, which was missing in Preview 1.

See the API documentation for details.