Diffusion C API  6.5.1
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json.h File Reference

Utilities for converting CBOR-encoded data to JSON string representation. More...


 DEPRECATED (BUF_T *cbor_to_json(const char *cbor, size_t len))
 Convert binary (CBOR) data to a JSON string. More...

Detailed Description

Utilities for converting CBOR-encoded data to JSON string representation.

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Function Documentation

DEPRECATED ( BUF_T cbor_to_jsonconst char *cbor, size_t len)

Convert binary (CBOR) data to a JSON string.

This function is deprecated from version 6.1 onwards, and may be removed.

This function is useful for converting data received on a JSON topic from CBOR representation to a JSON string suitable for passing to a 3rd party JSON parser.

Note that this is introducing an extra step (i.e., CBOR -> string -> JSON) and if possible, you should read the CBOR tokens and convert them directly to JSON representation using facilities provided by your JSON library.

cborA pointer to memory containing CBOR-encoded data.
lenThe length of the CBOR-encoded data.
A pointer to a BUF_T containing a JSON string, or NULL on error.