Diffusion Apple API  6.3.3
Unified Client Library for iOS, tvOS and OS X / macOS
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<PTDiffusionTopicUpdateSource> Protocol Reference


A source of updates which may be registered in order to update parts of the topic tree.

Classes wishing to peform the role of an update source must conform to this protocol.

Registering as an update source for a particular point in the topic tree allows a client to update all topics below that point in the tree. There is no need to subscribe to a topic in order to update it.

Once an update source is registered it may be in either a active state, where it can provide topic updates, or a standby state, where it is still registered but is not allowed to perform updates. An update source may switch between these states in any order, depending on server policy.

See Also
Since 6.3. This class will be removed in a future release. See PTDiffusionTopicUpdateFeature, providing equivalent and additional functionality such as conditional updates.
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Instance Methods

(void) - diffusionTopicTreeRegistration:isActiveWithUpdater:
(void) - diffusionTopicTreeRegistrationIsOnStandbyForUpdates:
- Instance Methods inherited from <PTDiffusionTopicTreeRegistrationDelegate>
(void) - diffusionTopicTreeRegistrationDidClose:
(void) - diffusionTopicTreeRegistration:didFailWithError:

Method Documentation

- (void) diffusionTopicTreeRegistration: (PTDiffusionTopicTreeRegistration *)  registration
isActiveWithUpdater: (PTDiffusionTopicUpdater *)  updater 

State notification that this source is now active for the specified topic path, and is therefore in a valid state to send updates on topics at or below the registered topic path.

registrationThe topic tree registration for which this updater applies.
updaterAn updater that may be used to update topics at or below the registered topic path.
- (void) diffusionTopicTreeRegistrationIsOnStandbyForUpdates: (PTDiffusionTopicTreeRegistration *)  registration

Notification that this source is not currently allowed to provide topic updates for the specified topic path. This indicates that another UpdateSource is currently active for the given topic path.

Server policy will dictate when this UpdateSource is set to be active.

If this UpdateSource was previously in an active state, any updater instances for this topic path will no longer be valid for use.

registrationThe topic tree registration for which this updater applies.