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Testing a publisher

There are various ways you can test your publishers after you have written them and deployed them on a Diffusion™ server instance.

The easiest way to perform some initial tests is to start it and try it out using some of the supplied testing tools. For example, use the JavaScript® test tool provided from the landing page (http://localhost:8080), connect each to the test server and subscribe to the publisher's topic or topics. The initial topic load data is displayed and any messages sent as deltas are also displayed in each client. This tool can also be used to send messages to the publisher from the client.

Test as soon as possible with the actual clients that are going to be used. So, for example, you might want to develop browser clients.

It can help to diagnose problems with the publisher if it has diagnostic logging encoded within it. Such logging can be provided only at fine level and this logging level used only during testing.