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Logging in Apple

The Apple® client logs messages to the Apple system log facility.

Log levels

Events are logged at different levels of severity. The log levels, ordered from most severe to least severe, are as follows:

Table 1. Log levels
Level Description
ERROR Events that indicate a failure.
WARN Events that indicate a problem with operation.
INFO Significant events.
DEBUG Verbose logging. Not usually enabled for production.
TRACE High-volume logging of interest only to Push Technology Support. Push Technology Support may occasionally ask you to enable this log level to diagnose issues.

Configuring logging in the Apple client

You can use the Apple API to enable and configure logging at runtime.
PTDiffusionLogging *const l = [PTDiffusionLogging logging];

// Enable logging in the client library
l.enabled = YES;

// Change the level that the client logs at
l.level = [PTDiffusionLoggingLevel trace];
Note: Do not enable logging in your production clients. Use logging only during development of your clients.