Diffusion C API  6.2.0
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Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
oCadd_request_handler_params_sStructure supplied when issuing a add_request_handler() call
oCadd_topic_callback_sAdd_topic_from_specification callback
oCarg_opts_sThis structure represents a possible argument to an application
oCauthentication_deregistration_params_sStructure supplied when issuing an authentication_deregister() request
oCauthentication_registration_params_sStructure supplied when issuing an authentication_register() request
oCbuf_sA buffer for holding arbitrarily terminated byte arrays
oCcbor_generator_sA CBOR generator is a wrapper for encoded data and the length of that data
oCcbor_val_sA CBOR value/token as returned by cbor_next_val()
oCchange_principal_params_sStructure supplied when issuing a change_principal() request
oCconnector_details_sThis structure is populated in the authentication request when the detail type SESSION_DETAIL_CONNECTOR_NAME has been requested
oCcontent_sContent wrapper for encoding and data
oCconversation_id_sStructure representing a conversation ID
oCcredentials_sThis structure is used for passing credentials around in the API
oCdiffusion_authentication_handler_params_sStructure supplied when issuing an diffusion_set_authentication_handler request
oCdiffusion_authentication_handler_sStructure supplied as part of a diffusion_set_authentication_handler request
oCdiffusion_error_sA structure which is filled by the API when an error occurs
oCdiffusion_fetch_request_params_sStructure describing a fetch request
oCdiffusion_request_handler_sRequest handler structure required when creating an ADD_REQUEST_HANDLER_PARAMS_T
oCdiffusion_request_stream_sStructure supplied when adding a request stream
oCdiffusion_session_lock_params_sStructure describing a session lock request
oCdiffusion_session_lock_unlock_params_sStructure describing a session lock unlock request
oCdiffusion_topic_update_add_and_set_params_sStructure describing a topic add and set request
oCdiffusion_topic_update_params_sStructure describing a topic set request
oCdiffusion_topic_update_stream_params_sStructure provided when calling diffusion_topic_update_stream_set
oCerror_report_sStructure describing an error report which may arise when calling various API functions
oCfetch_params_sStructure supplied to a fetch() request
oCget_security_store_params_sStructure passed when requesting the security store
oCget_system_authentication_store_params_sStructure passed when requesting the system authentication store
oChandler_set_sA handler set is registered against a conversation id and contains function pointers to callback handlers related to that conversation
oChash_entry_sThis structure represents an entry within a hash table
oChash_sThis represents a hash table
oClist_node_sStructure representing a node in a linked list
oClist_sA structure defining a linked list
oClocation_details_sThis structure describes the network and physical location of a client/session
oCmessage_sGeneric message; all messages should fit into this structure
oCmissing_topic_params_sStructure supplied when registering to receive missing topic notifications
oCmsg_listener_deregistration_params_sStructure supplied when deregistering a message listener
oCmsg_listener_registration_params_sStructure supplied when registering a message listener
oCmsg_receiver_registration_params_sStructure supplied when issuing a register_msg_handler() call
oCnotify_subscription_params_sStructure supplied when registering to receive topic subscription notifications
oCnotify_unsubscription_params_sStructure supplied when registering to receive topic unsubscription notifications
oCping_system_params_sStructure supplied when registering a system ping handler or sending a system ping request
oCping_user_params_sStructure supplied when registering a user ping handler or sending a user ping request
oCreconnection_strategy_sWhen connecting to Diffusion, a reconnection strategy can be employed which describes what to do if the connection fails
oCremove_topics_params_sStructure passed to remove_topics()
oCsend_msg_params_sStructure supplied to a send_msg() call
oCsend_options_sOptions sub-structure related to requests
oCsend_request_params_sStructure supplied to a send_request() call
oCsend_request_to_filter_params_sStructure supplied when issuing a send_request_to_filter() call
oCsend_request_to_session_params_sStructure supplied when issuing a send_request_to_session() call
oCsession_create_callback_sWhen creating a session which performs a connection to Diffusion asynchronously, these callbacks can be supplied and are invoked when the connection is made successfully, or an error occurs
oCsession_id_sStructure describing a session ID, which is a unique identifier used by Diffusion for tracking this client; it is also used on reconnection to attempt to restore existing session state
oCsession_listener_sWhen a session changes state, a listener may be called to inform the client of the transition via the appropriate function pointer in this structure
oCsession_sThis is the session structure which is created to represent a single instance of connection (session) with Diffusion
oCsession_wills_remove_topic_params_sStructure supplied when registering a topic will to remove topics
oCset_entry_sThis structure represents an entry in the set
oCset_sThis respresents a set
oCstream_message_options_sAdditional options associated with a STREAM_MESSAGE_T
oCstream_message_sMessages directed to this session are received through a globally registered handler, and are parsed into this structure
oCsubscription_params_sStructure supplied when subscribing to a topic
oCsvc_authentication_register_request_sStructure containing the information required when sending a request to register as an authentication service
oCsvc_authentication_request_sThe structure passed to an authentication handler
oCsvc_authentication_response_sStructure holding the response message from the authentication handler
oCsvc_defn_sEvery service that a client can provide has to implement this core set of functions
oCsvc_fetch_status_response_sStructure passed to fetch response callback
oCsvc_missing_topic_request_sStructure of a request to register for missing topic notifications
oCsvc_msg_common_sBase type for service messages
oCsvc_notify_subscription_request_sStructure describing an incoming notification that the client has been subscribed to a topic
oCsvc_notify_unsubscription_request_sStructure describing an incoming unsubscription notification
oCsvc_ping_system_request_sStructure of a system ping request
oCsvc_ping_user_request_sStructure of a user ping request
oCsvc_remove_topics_response_sStructure describing a "remove topic" response
oCsvc_send_receiver_client_request_sStructure containing the information received and passed to a handler registered on a message path, including the message content
oCsvc_topic_removal_response_sStructure describing a "topic removal" response
oCsvc_update_registration_response_sStructure describing the response to a topic update registration request
oCsvc_update_response_sStructure describing the response to a topic update request
oCsystem_principal_sStructure describing a principal in the authentication store
oCtopic_details_attributes_sVarious attributes relating to topic details
oCtopic_details_decimal_sParameters for a M_DATA_TYPE_DECIMAL_STRING
oCtopic_details_integer_sParameters for a M_DATA_TYPE_INTEGER_STRING
oCtopic_details_string_sParamaters for a M_DATA_TYPE_STRING
oCtopic_message_sStructure for slightly simplified access to topic messages
oCtopic_removal_params_sStructure passed to topic_removal()
oCtopics_details_sStructure containing information encapsulated within topic details, either for creation or received through a notification by Diffusion
oCunsubscription_params_sStructure supplied when unsubscribing from a topic
oCupdate_sThis represents an update to apply to a topic
oCupdate_security_store_params_sStructure passed when updating the security store
oCupdate_source_deregistration_params_sStructure passed when deregistering an update source
oCupdate_source_params_sStructure passed when updating a topic
oCupdate_source_registration_params_sStructure passed when registering an update source
oCupdate_system_authentication_store_params_sStructure passed when updating the system authentication store
oCv5_message_sService messages over the V5 protocol are parsed into this common structure, with the unparsed service-specific content in the payload field