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The Apple® SDK is provided for iOS®, OS X®/macOS®, and tvOS™.

Get the Apple SDK for iOS:

Get the Apple SDK for OS X/macOS:

Get the Apple SDK for tvOS:


To see the full list of capabilities supported by the Apple API, see Feature support in the Diffusion API.


Table 1. Supported platforms and transport protocols for the client libraries
Platform Minimum supported versions Supported transport protocols
Apple for iOS
Development environment

Xcode 12.4 (iOS 10.0 SDK)

Runtime support

Device architectures: armv7, armv7s, arm64

Simulator architectures: i386, x86_64


Apple for OS X/macOS
Development environment

Xcode 12.4 (OS X/macOS 10.12 SDK)

Runtime support

Device architectures: x86_64


Apple for tvOS
Development environment

Xcode 12.4

Runtime support

Device architectures: arm64

Simulator architectures: x86_64




Applications in background state

Apple applications can be sent to the background. When this happens your application is notified by the applicationDidEnterBackground callback. Applications go into background state before being suspended.

Applications can be sent to the background or suspended at any time. We recommend that your Diffusion™ Cloud app saves its state – in particular, any topic subscriptions – as this state changes.

When your Diffusion Cloud app is sent to the background, we recommend the client closes its session with Diffusion Cloud. When the Diffusion Cloud app returns to the foreground, it can open a new client session with Diffusion Cloud and use the saved state to restore topic subscriptions.

For more information, see the Apple App Life Cycle documentation and Strategies for Handling App State Transitions.

Regular expressions

The Apple client uses a different regular expression engine to Diffusion Cloud. Some regular expressions in topic selectors are evaluated on the client and others on Diffusion Cloud. It is possible that topic selectors that include complex or advanced regular expressions can behave differently on the client and on Diffusion Cloud.

For more information, see Regular expressions.