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Data model

Distribute your data in a data model that fits the needs of your organization and customers.

There are a number of things to consider when designing your data model:
  • The structure of your topic tree
  • The types of topic to use
  • The format of your data
  • How you publish data to topics
  • Whether you also use messaging to send data.

These considerations are not separate. The decisions you make about one aspect of your data model affect other aspects.

The data model is defined on Diffusion™ Cloud by your clients. The topic structure, topic types, and data format only persist on Diffusion Cloud through a restart or upgrade if the topic persistence feature is enabled.

Design your solution to create your data model on Diffusion Cloud afresh after Diffusion Cloud is restarted or upgraded.

When considering the format of your data, be aware that the maximum size for a topic update or a message sent through Diffusion Cloud is 1 MiB.