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Change the security principal and credentials associated with your client session

A client session can change the credentials it uses to authenticate with Diffusion™ Cloud at any time.

    session.security.changePrincipal('principal', 'password').then(function() {
        console.log('Authenticated as admin');
// Create a credentials object encapsulating a string password.
PTDiffusionCredentials *const credentials =
    [[PTDiffusionCredentials alloc] initWithPassword:@"password"];

// Use the Security feature from your session...
[session.security changePrincipal:@"principal"
                completionHandler:^(NSError *error)
    // Check error is `nil`, indicating success.
Java and Android
        security = session.feature(Security.class);
            security = session.Security;
            security.ChangePrincipal( principal, Diffusion.Credentials.Password( password ), callback );
// Specify callbacks for the change_principal request.
        CHANGE_PRINCIPAL_PARAMS_T params = {
                .principal = hash_get(options, "principal"),
                .credentials = credentials,
                .on_change_principal = on_change_principal,
                .on_change_principal_failure = on_change_principal_failure

        // Do the change.
        change_principal(session, params);
When the principal associated with a session changes, the following happens:
  • The $Principal session property is updated to contain the new principal.
  • The roles associated with the old principal are removed from the session and those roles associated with the new principal are assigned to the session.
  • Topic subscriptions made with the old principal are not re-evaluated. The session remains subscribed to any topics the new principal does not have permissions for.